Touch Kiosks
Interactive touch screen kiosks for wide use. E-posters, navigation, programme etc.
Easy and quick content administration
E-Poster download via QR codes
Structured Scientific Programme of all sections
Well-organised statistics of all posters
Easy rating for all posters
Unlimited number of videos to each poster
Search by name, code, authors
Splitting posters into topics by focus
Our touch kiosks replace existing printed posters thanks to our e-poster application. This app enable an easy and fast control of all presented information. Please, contact us for information about features, possibilities and application extensions.
In the last 4 years we have delivered our kiosks for more than 150 events.
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Pricing & Contact
If you have some questions or want a bid for your event, please contact us!

Mr. Tomas Halla
business manager
+420 606 210 870